1025 For Skate Culture

My siblings and I bought our first skateboard decks when I was in middle school. We would practice Ollies late at night in our garage until our parents called us inside. We even used our decks as "go-karts," and would race down our driveway, pretending we were in a game of Mario Kart. My sister and I never advanced our basic skills, but my brother did. His dedication to the sport essentially kept me involved in the culture.

The next time I touched a skateboard was in college, at The University of Southern California. It became a means of transportation, in order to get around campus. I no longer felt passionate enough to learn tricks. However, I noticed that kids from a nearby middle school would always come to USC's campus to skate. I was almost surprised to see that kids still spent their spare time outside, away from their phones. It was something I grew to really admire about the skate kids that would frequent the university, despite the disapproval from the faculty on campus.

The more I paid attention to the skate community in California and New York, whenever I would visit, the more enamored I became with skaters. When I designed my first 1025 skate deck, I came to the realization that skate was one of the few things that, literally and figuratively, accepted failure. Watching skaters in their environment felt like a no-judgment zone, and I feel like that even transcends to their personalities.

Ever since I started pushing 1025 as a skate-based brand, I've gotten in touch with the kindest, most thoughtful, and supportive people ever. Particularly skaters from Chicago and Washington. I've never seen anyone outside of myself and my family, so excited to rep my clothes. They rep it as if it were their own brand. When it comes to shooting skate content for 1025, they exert the same dedication as they do for skating, which blows my mind. I have so much respect for skate culture and look forward to growing the 1025 Skate Community.

Here are notable mentions and members of 1025 Skate

From Washington: Kai (left) and his father, Blaine Phillips (right). IG: kaitheshredder.

From Chicago: Cristian Vargas (left) and Brandon Munoz (right). Photographed by Frankie Perez. IG: vargas__999, moist_weniskater44, sketchyfrankie.

From Washington: Berto Barrera. IG: vegasskates. 1025 Skate's first member of the community!