Bellatrix: The Star-DOME

Bellatrix is the 25th brightest star in our constellation. BUT, what many do not know (yet) is that Bellatrix is actually the Gatekeeper to The 1025 Universe. Once you enter this StarDOME, every single day is October 25th. Every single day is a call to create. Every single day emits creative energy in this universe.

At the core, Bellatrix was inspired by my love for storytelling and video games. I always loved video game storylines and the star character that I'd see when playing Mario Kart on the Wii growing up. Then, once I began my journey with 1025, I came across one of my favorite streetwear brands in the underground space, Sukamii. Sukamii has a notable character known as "Star Boy," who looks similar to Baby Milo from the streetwear brand Bape. From there, I felt incredibly compelled to somehow integrate stars to 1025. Stars made its first appearance in my "You Are What You Sip" concept, where I drew the Brynn-bear, sipping on "star juice." It was my attempt to say that the Brynn-bear is a star in a less corny manner. That message, of course, extends to all who viewed the design, which I plan on creating a collection out of one day!

The next thing I knew, I was designing stars in just about every illustration. There was one illustration in particular that sparked the potential for a new addition to the 1025 family. It was an illustration of Kai walking on an upward path with stars surrounding him. Next to him was a text saying, "The Only Way Is Up." My eyes lit up because I knew that I could visualize this in so many different ways.

On top of that, the concept aligned with my soul, as I am an incredibly optimistic person. I kept this concept in mind as one night, I whipped out my personalized "You Are What You Sip" notebook and started drawing all of the ways I could illustrate success. At that moment, I drew a star dome.

There was a stick figure walking along the path, leading up to the Star dome, with the exact text, "The Only Way Is Up." After this first sketch, it was like love at first sight. I began to draw this star dome more and more. In the last drawing, I added eyes to the star dome and drew Kai at the path's base, ready for stardom.

Bellatrix plays a crucial role, as she is essentially the heart of 1025, and I cannot wait for you guys to see more of her.