Flipping The Script: Springtime Emotions

With every 1025 release, there's always a new challenge. It all comes down to your mindset and how you choose to respond to pressure. You either embrace defeat or flip the script. I chose the second option.

I started planning for the Springtime Emotions look book as early as January. The lookbook, to me, is single-handedly the most important aspect of any clothing release because it allows your audience to visualize how the clothes will look on them.

I devised a thorough plan to drive out to a large grass field in rural Maryland to stay in theme with the spring concept and have a simple background because the Springtime Emotions jacket is very flashy. February 1st, my friend Ben and I finalized a shoot date and were ready to go... until the East Coast got hit with a winter snowstorm. I was stuck home for days, well past our shoot day, and I began to really feel the pressure. I frequently checked the forecast, hoping to find another day that we could shoot, but unfortunately, each ideal day predicted heavy snow. The anxiety I was feeling intensified.

Instead of deepening my anxiety, I slowed the pace of my thoughts and took matters into my own hands. Around February 7th, all the stars aligned in my favor. Practically all of the snow had melted, and my sister's hair was fresh from the salon. She told me that she needed essential pictures for her modeling portfolio, and that's when I got the idea to have her model and shoot in my backyard, where I actually shot Springtime Ghosts. It made me feel like I was truly paying homage to my past release, which inspired this current one.

As we were shooting, I was still adjusting to the sudden change in plans and didn't quite feel confident in all of the shots taken in both jackets. The brown jacket suited my sister's outfit much better than the black one did. I wanted to do an outfit change for the black jacket, but the sun was too close to setting, so I knew that I needed another shoot day.

Thankfully, the next day predicted light snow that would only last until the afternoon. I told my sister to wear all black, and we went to work. In the end, I realized that the weather change perfectly suited the Springtime Emotions concept since the spring season on the east coast tends to undergo various weather changes, which evidently results in emotional changes. Especially with daylight savings. Plus, I saw a huge benefit in the outfit change, so that my audience could see different ways to wear the jacket.

I believe that if I hadn't remained opened minded and let go of my expectations, I would've been extraordinarily unprepared, disorganized, and stagnant. Most importantly, I wouldn't have felt confident about a drop that I truly believed in. My biggest lesson learned here is to go with the flow and to synchronize with my environment.