Game on: 1025 Trivia

Please give a warm welcome to 1025 Trivia: a fun way to learn more about 1025, and win FREE 1025 t-shirts. The birth of this new giveaway opportunity derived purely from love. The majority of my favorite childhood memories were thanks to the PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, 64, Gameboy SP, and Wii. Since high school, I've felt passionate about the idea of having some kind of connection to gaming, and now I have one!

1025 Trivia is simply a game of speed. I spent many thoughtful days ensuring that day-one supporters would not have an unfair advantage, so I decided to essentially give supporters the answers through my insanely obvious hints... BUT, it's all up to them, and how fast they can comment the correct answer.

The overall goal for 1025 Trivia is simply to make it a fun experience for myself and all who participate. My favorite part about the trivia is the exclusive 8-bit holographic Brynn-Bear stickers and the 1025 VERIFIED winner tickets. Each 1025 Trivia winner will receive a holographic sticker and ticket along with their free t-shirt!

This is the start of a very memorable tradition for 1025.