Into The Grey Area

Graduating from college was the most intimidated I had ever felt. It was May 2020, and the pandemic had completely shut everything down, leaving me anxious about the course of my future. I remember one day, my dad came to my room and asked me, "If there was one thing you could choose to focus on right now, what would it be? Would you pick film or your clothing brand?" So here I was, presented with a decision that would determine my future for the long haul. The pressure was on for me to either choose the path of tradition or my own unique one... I think we all know which direction I chose.

Part one was all about taking that first step towards your dreams and embracing uncertainty, which I did when I chose 1025 over film. Kai's hand that crosses over to the black side of the knit sweater displays that life quite literally becomes more colorful once you make this life-altering decision. Part 2 is here to tell you that taking risks is only the beginning.

Into The Unknown Part 2: Grey Area highlights the mental hurdles to overcome when following your dreams. The more time I've spent on 1025, the busier and more recognized I've become. I even missed my in-person graduation ceremony and instead worked on the release of this t-shirt. Half of me is eternally grateful and happy that I am living my dream, but another half of me finds comfort in tradition.

An eye-opening moment for me was when I saw that Cole Bennett, owner of Lyrical Lemonade, found himself in a grey area as well. He tweeted in March that his drive is his biggest blessing and biggest curse. He went on to say that he desires peace but then again asked for all of what he has worked hard to obtain. That really showed me that you will most likely find yourself stuck in a grey area no matter how successful you are.

I don't have the answers for something as grand and complex as grey areas, but I do believe that if we dive into the grey area, really analyze, and work to understand ourselves better, then we'll surface and come back refreshed with a better sense of who we are.